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Snapshot of Services

I am a business speaker. As such, I am equally comfortable speaking to business leaders and the staff who run day-to-day operations. What difference would it make for each of your staff to share your core values both internally, and externally.

"You build a business by building people"

My upbringing has given me the fortunate ability to relate to most South Africans and my community work (children battling cancer) has instilled a belief that everyone deserves a shot at success.

I am currently touring SA's corporate stages, delivering my 2017 keynote talk on finding "True Purpose in the Workplace".

"The backbone of any business is how we listen to one another."

People fascinate me. I love coaching all types of people to achieve spirited transformation and create successful versions of themselves.

I'm a professional business speaker. My speciality is the power of 'self talk'. That voice in your head (the one that talks to you all day) is the source of our success and the subject of my curiosity.

My boutique consultancy offers clients cutting-edge communication and soft-skills training for their staff, bridging the divides that slow employee potential and business growth. The consultancy designs and facilitates bespoke and accredited training programs for small, medium and listed business.

Having voiced multiple TV, radio adverts and corporate films, I've secured my place as one of SA's most recognised voice artists. I provide quality voice-overs for customers across the globe from my private studios in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

  • Are you a good Listener?

    67% of people are poor listeners. I can assist you to tune in better.

  • Want 30% more time?

    Plan. Get to the point. Know your audience. This saves time and makes you more productive (and likeable).

  • find them & Keep them

    +60% of staff feel unfulfilled. I will help you find and keep the right person for the job.

  • Sucky Presentations

    Only 7% of presenters are remembered. Learn to connect powerfully with your audience.

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