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I am a business speaker. As such, I am equally comfortable speaking to business leaders and the staff who run day-to-day operations. What difference would it make for each of your staff to share your core values both internally, and externally.

"You build a business by building people"

My upbringing has given me the fortunate ability to relate to most South Africans and my community work (children battling cancer) has instilled a belief that everyone deserves a shot at success.

I am currently touring SA's corporate stages, delivering my 2017 keynote talk on finding "True Purpose in the Workplace".

"The backbone of any business is how we listen to one another."

Jordan Gray is one of the most dynamic figures in the South African executive coaching industry, with an extensive background in business communications and performance coaching gained at some of the country’s leading blue-chip financial companies.

In 2009, Jordan founded an international retail agency in South Africa and has since successfully launched and operated over 30 companies, sold more than half of these, rebranded four for more and kick-started three social initiatives. He currently owns majority shares in three companies.

Jordan has a strong background in business strategy and marketing, having previously held the positions of Marketing Director at Cosa Media, Head of Client Relations at Invest SA, as well as founder of various charity drives for CHOC. He specialises in strategy development, media and investor relations, reputation and crisis management, research and investment.

His interest in blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and the impact of this disruptive technology led him to partner with a highly qualified team. Together, this team of fund managers, quantitative analysts and AI programmers has created one of the first crypto asset management companies globally. Their objective is to provide crypto investors a lucrative entry-point to the world of cryptocurrencies without the steep learning curve the industry demands.

Jordan was awarded the Emerging Entrepreneur and Innovator of the Year 2010 title in the Smith & Kline Entrepreneur of the Year competition, and was voted one of the Top 25 Innovators in the Ethnic Retail industry in the EMEA region at the 2011 Ole Awards.

Having voiced multiple TV, radio adverts and corporate films, I've secured my place as one of SA's most recognised voice artists. I provide quality voice-overs for customers across the globe from my private studios in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

  • research Time %

    If you want to be good, read. If you want to be the best, research. My team and I research the very latest technologies in each of my companies.

  • Quality relationships

    Building lasting relationships is essential to growing our buisnesses. We dedicated a quarter of our day to ensure our connections are strong.

  • Strategy development

    An ambitious strategy requires a solid team and insight. We spend hours refining our strategies to maximise return.

  • implementation

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